New Delhi: Setting an example of austerity amid fears of global economic depression or spoiling India’s image on the global platform, the government has backtracked from providing five star facilities to the visiting representatives of the BRIC nations. The chiefs of National Statistics Departments of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) will be meeting on Monday to discuss socio-economic records and compilation. However, the Finance Department has rejected the accommodation arrangements at the Ashok Hotel in the capital for the international level meeting.

Thereafter, a less expensive proposal of Samrat Hotel was sent for the expected guests but was rejected by the department as well. Now, the guests will be entertained with tea and biscuits in the committee room of the ministry office while dinner for the BRIC Secretaries will be sponsored by Union Statistics Minister Srikant Jena at the Ashok Hotel.

The BRIC nations constitute the fastest growing economies habited by 40 percent of the global population. According to the sources, the meeting of the Secretaries of the BRIC nations will be a significant event which will witness the setting up socio-economic pointers set to play a key role in the future strategy of the nations.

The proposal for the Ashok Hotel was sent for the meeting venue but was rejected by the Finance Department of the Statistics and Programme Implementation Ministry in the name of controlling escalating expenses. Moreover, the second proposal for the cheaper option of Samrat Hotel also stands cancelled while rumours are ripe that even the proposal for Luxury cars to ferry guests has also been turned down.

Finally, it has been decided that the meeting will be held in the committee room of the ministry office where tea and biscuits would be served as refreshments.

It is to be noted, such meetings are organized at high-end hotels in order to maintain the prestige of the country. Indian leaders who visit other nations for such meetings are also provided 5-star or 7-star facilities during their stay.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the nations have arrived in Delhi and are staying in hotels sponsored by their embassies in the capital. They will reach the meeting venue by the cab provided by the hotel.

(JPN/ Bureau)