The existing education system is inadequate, he said, emphasising on improvisation to help deal with human emotions 'which lay behind several destructive outcomes'.
"The existing education system is not adequate, we need some sort of method to improve our internal quality," he said addressing a function here. "We have to think seriously to create a more complete form of education that can (also) take full care of our emotions. All these destructive human activity comes from our emotion," he said.
An effective method to counter such destructive thoughts 'is to increase constructive emotion,' he said. Stating that the basic human nature was compassionate, he said such a nature coupled with human intellect could be used to build a 'happy humanity and happy world'.

Pointing out that physical infrastructural development was being witnessed everywhere including in China, he said such growth however had not necessarily given 'inner peace' to people.
"This shows we have to pay more attention about inner peace and in this respect India has a great potential to build inner peace,” he said.
Lauding ancient Indian cultural values like ahimsa and secularism, he said "India is the only country (where) all major world rich (religious) traditions live together harmoniously."
"Over 2000 years, all major world religious traditions developed and established in this country. A few cases of some problems are understandable...some mischievous people will always be there," he said.

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