Vital state matters were "neglected" by previous government and if they had taken decisions in the national interest, the state of affairs would have been different today, he said.

He made the remarks during a meeting with lawmakers from Faisalabad in Punjab province at the Prime Minister's House. He added it was a good sign that despite the law and order situation, economic indicators were positive and this is being recognized by the world community.

Sharif said his government had put Pakistan on the road to progress through "objective policies". He added, "If we are able to improve the law and order situation, Pakistan will start galloping on the road of development."

The Youth Business Loan Scheme will provide impetus to the economy as thousands will benefit from it. "We need to guide the youth so that they can use the loan efficiently and effectively," he was quoted as saying in a statement.

Sharif said most applicants in the youth scheme sought loans for agriculture, a sign that the sector is booming.

He further said that the GSP-plus status given to Pakistan by the European Union is a special incentive for the textile industry of Faisalabad. "But in order to benefit from the GSP-plus status, power shortage needs to be resolved," he said.

The lawmakers discussed the scarcity of medical facilities in their area. Sharif said he would look into the matter as the government's policy is to provide medical facilities across the country.


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