Hisar: The ongoing Jat protests have begun affecting the day to day life of the common man in the state. The protest has thrown normal life completely out of gear in almost all the districts of Haryana. The bandh, blockades and dharnas by the Jat community have hampered the movement and transfer of commodities of daily use. This has added to the common man’s worry. People are paying more for essential food items like fruits and vegetables.

The blockades have severely affected transportation of goods in the state. Generally on an average about 15-20 trucks carry vegetable and fruits to Hisar market from various parts of the country but due to protests only 2-3 trucks are coming here in a day which has fueled the prices.

The prices of fruits and vegetables have doubled in last five days. A vegetable wholeseller said, “If the situation does not subsides, the prices would increase up to four times. Usually there is ample stock in the market but presently the situation is too bad as new stocks have not yet arrived.”

The majority of supply comes from UP, Rajasthan and Punjab whereas the local production is only about 5 percent.

Wholesale prices of fruits and vegetables five days back:
Tomato Rs 7 per Kg
Gourd Rs12-13 per kg
Cucumber Rs 15 per kg
Cauliflower Rs 6 per kg
Peas Rs 14-15 kg

Wholesale prices at present
Tomato Rs 14 per kg
Gourd Rs 12-20 per kg
Cucumber Rs 30 per kg
Cauliflower Rs 8-10 per kg
Peas Rs 22-23 per kg

Retail prices five day back
Banana Rs 25 per dozen
Orange Rs 18 per dozen

Retail prices at present
Banana Rs 40 per dozen
Orange Rs 30 per dozen