Amidst public anger over the unprecedented hike in fuel prices the Congress has hinted towards a partial rollback. This indicates that the government has alienated itself from the common man. Wasn’t the Congress aware about the impact of the hike or was it trying to test the patience of the people? It is only after people took to the streets that the government spoke of a rollback. The argument that petrol prices have been deregulated and that the party has nothing to do with it is absolutely uncalled for. Isn’t the government at the Centre run by the Congress? It is farcical that the congress party shies to take responsibility on behalf of the government. If not the Congress, who is going to take the blame of this decision? No one is willing to accept the argument that oil companies are free to fix oil prices. It is true that petrol prices have been deregulated but that doesn’t mean that they are free to take decisions without government’s consent.

Hike in fuel price has been attributed to the volatile economic conditions in Europe and the depreciation of rupee against Dollar. Certainly these two reasons cannot be ignored but why is the Indian currency depreciating more as compared to other Asian countries? Instead of giving clear cut answers to the question the government has been viewing the fall in rupee as normal. Either the government is not able to understand the gravity of the volatile economic condition or it is just trying to feign ignorance. Often the government has hid behind the argument that India’s economic growth is among the best in the world. It isn’t a good sign that India’s economic growth has fallen below the expected 7 percent due to lack of foreign investments and depreciating dollar. At least the economic advisors of the government should realize that a slight slump in country’s growth will affect a nation like India severely.