A day after Modi’s meeting with secretaries, an air of change was noticeable in a number of ministries. The top officials, who used to take more than weeks and months for clearing a particular file, have already placed an array of suggestions before the Prime Minister.

During his meeting with the secretaries of different ministries, Modi laid an ample stress on bringing change in the work culture. He said, “One gets an idea of work culture of a particular place by the prevailing ambience.”

In this context, dirt and dust along with a huge pile-up of files indicate carelessness and lackluster approach of the officials. And working in a dirty environment also impacts the quality of work.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister also encouraged the officials to come up with direct suggestions and its effect was noticeable within a few hours.

Information and Broadcasting Secretary Vimal Julka visited Shastri Bhawan and directed to carry out dusting and cleaning work of the concerned department.

Modi also mentioned that women lavatories along with the work-place should be in proper condition. The effect of PM’s directives could be seen in other ministries apart from Shastri Bhawan.

The scraps and other residues are being removed at frantic pace and besides, around 24 secretaries of their respective departments sent an equal number of suggestions to Modi.

A unique feature of environment conservation

Every elected member of the 16th Lok Sabha will plant sapling. And if the sapling is taken care of, till it becomes plant and eventually tree, after five years, more than 500 trees will take shape.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar launched this initiative and gave sapling to all the MPs including Modi.


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