All 33 senior officials are from the Revenue Department who were asked take premature retirement.

Showing its ‘zero tolerance’ over non-performance, the Narendra Modi-led Central government had dismissed 72 officials in Janurary 2016. Interestingly, all 105 Class I officers who faced the heat for non-performance were above 50 years of age.

A senior Ministry official elaborated that this strict action against the revenue officials was part of the policy to let the officials' realize that lackadaisical and careless attitude and harassing the public would result in heavy penalty and certainly impact their jobs in a big way.

PM Modi had been regularly receiving complaints from various departments about officials who were either indifferent or harassed the public.

In January, PM Modi had asked all Departmental Secretaries to take stern action against non-performing officials during a meeting called "pragati interaction". Secretaries were asked to draw up a list of officials who were non-performing as a rule.  

Later that month, the Centre had shortlisted 122 Deputy Secretary level officials in various ministries and departments. Of them, 17 were from the Defence Ministry, 13 from higher education, 7 from the health ministry and 6 from commerce ministry. Even officials from critical units, like National Intelligence Grid and the National Scrutiny Council were on the list.

To scrutinise their records, the Department of Personnel and Training had written to the administrative officials of 34 departments seeking inputs.

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