Delivering his concluding address to the party’s National Executive, which saw its president Amit Shah raising concerns over “migration” of Hindus from a communally-sensitive western UP town, PM Modi made no reference to the controversial issues and instead asked leaders to use power for the benefit of society.
He also invoked Maratha icon Shivaji, saying he did not enjoy the fruits of power despite being a ruler and sarcastically added that the country has on the contrary also seen those who enjoyed the fruits of power without legitimately owning it, a veiled dig at the Gandhi family of the Congress.
The Prime Minister referred to the party’s win in Assam and growth in Kerala and West Bengal and had a word of caution for its leaders and workers.
“We are witnessing history in the making. We are benefitting from the hardwork of crores of workers for over many decades in building the party. We are in power in the Centre and many states as well. We should not get affected by this power but think as to how we can use this for the society’s benefit.
“There is a need to strengthen the nation. People are no longer satisfied only with slogans. They are concerned over how the nation is being made strong,” he said.
Briefing reporters about PM Modi’s speech, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the Prime Minister also laid down seven mantras for party workers to follow in their conduct and policy.

“Sevabhaav, Santulan, Sanyam, Samnway, Sakaratmak, Sadbhavana and Samvad (Service, balance, restraint, coordination, positivity, empathy and dialogue)… The Prime Minister stressed to the workers that all these seven traits should be reflected in their conduct and policy,” Jaitley said.
He had earlier used the word “sadbhavna” (harmony) but later clarified that it was “samvedna” (empathy). “To sum up, the message from the National Executive is that when the party’s political power has grown, this power has to be used for the society,” Jaitley said.

To a question over what was the provocation for PM Modi to lay down seven point mantra, he quipped, "politicians make well-considered statements, not necessarily under provocations."


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