London: Prince Harry will take the role of a television presenter in a planned tribute to his grandmother, the Queen of England, to mark her Diamond Jubilee year.

The 27-year-old prince has been in talks with a channel bosses about the programme, set to be screened over Christmas. It is set to offer the public a fresh insight into Her Majesty's day-to-day work, a daily reported.

Other members of the Royal Family are expected to feature, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles.

According to reports, "Harry wants to help celebrate this landmark year and is ready to present the programme himself."

Meanwhile a channel tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh last year was a tense affair, with the veteran royal admitting he would rather have not appeared on it at all.

"With Harry at the helm it's felt that viewers will get a more relaxed insight into the royals behind the scenes," sources said.