London: Dreams have come true for a former homeless woman who has been invited by none other than Prince William to his wedding to Kate Middleton here on April 29.  

Shozna had a stroke while training in child care. She needed a heart operation. Later she left home to stay with relatives and friends. At last she was referred to a homeless charity Centre point, of which William is a patron.

Prince William helped her find a home and turn her life around.

“I feel so, so lucky. I got the invitation in February and just thought, 'Oh my God, this can't be real!' I wanted to go to the royal wedding anyway and cheer them on in the streets,” an elated Shozna said.

Shozna was giving a speech at a charity gala when she came face to face with the Prince himself.

"Prince William came up to me before and calmed my nerves. He said good luck and cracked a few jokes. After the speech he called me over. He told me my speech was amazing and he'd been touched by it. Then he gave me a hug. It made me feel comforted. He was really, really genuine – so normal. He was like an uncle or a brother or something," she said.

As she was not expecting the invitation, she was thrilled when it came through her letter box.

 “When I got the invite I couldn't believe it. It had the royal stamp on it and I was scared to open it. I don't know what I've done to deserve it," Shozna said.

The most exciting thing will be to see all the celebrities, she said adding that Prince William and Kate will make a nice couple.