The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge authorised an open letter to be issued to the world media by Kensington Palace urging restraint from publishing unauthorised pictures of the little prince and princess.
"I am writing to provide an overview of the current challenges facing Kensington Palace as we seek to protect Prince George and Princess Charlotte from harassment and surveillance by paparazzi photographers. I hope our experience will inform the ongoing effort to uphold standards on the protection of children in a rapidly changing media landscape," reads the letter, signed by Jason Kauf, Communications Secretary to the royal couple.

The palace says photographers have hidden themselves in car trunks, obscured themselves in sand dunes, and used other children to take pictures of Prince George.
The letter said that some organisations, mostly in Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and the US have published photos of Prince George in 'unacceptable circumstances'.
Prince William, 33, the second in line to Britain's throne, has always believed paparazzi photographers in Paris were ultimately responsible for his mother Princess Diana's death in 1997, when her car crashed in an underpass, trying to escape photographers on mopeds.


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