St Andrews: Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on an emotional visit to St Andrews, the University in Scotland where they met and fell in love. Thousands of people gathered alongside the streets just to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

The couple, who are getting married on April 29 at Westminster Abbey, travelled to St Andrews to help their alma mater start off a two-year celebration of its 600th anniversary.

Prince William and Middleton met there as students. They were initially just friends, but an on-again, off-again romance bloomed on campus, developing into the full blown love affair that has captivated a nation.

"This is a rare opportunity to witness history. It's great they're coming back,” Prof Louise Richardson, principal of the university, said.

"There is something magical about St Andrews," she said adding, "We are said to have the highest number of students who find life partners at a university. So, it is no surprise they got together. It is unique here as we are global, but local and small enough to be intimate."

In what is believed to be the couple's first official wedding gift, Richardson said the University is conferring a scholarship for underprivileged students to a value of 70,000£ which will be announced during the visit.

This was Prince William and Middleton’s third public appearance since the announcement of their engagement in November.