A M S G Ashokan, president of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), said on the concluding day of a four-day printing expo PAMEX13, "Owing to the disposal concerns for the print industry with strict pollution control measures, we are investing in a common facility centre (CFC) on the capital equipment for recycling and proper waste disposal. We will also make our affiliates adopt green and eco-friendly technology.”

AIFMP has published a special book on this to enable print firms adopt it. The International Exhibition on Printing and Allied Machinery Industries (PAMEX) is the flagship event of AIFMP. The ninth edition PAMEX 13 was held here November 14-17.

S R Sharma, chairman of the PAMEX Managing Committee, said, "The objective of PAMEX is to bring what is best in the world to India. This includes providing opportunity to the Indian manufacturers. The overall market sentiments may be low, but compared to western countries, the print firms in India are well placed."

I P Wadhwa, the chief organizer of PAMEX 2013, said, "This exhibition has hosted 258 exhibitors from 21 countries across the world. The substrates market is pegged at USD 4,000 million and has a phenomenal growth projection of 72 percent and the market would thus be close to USD 7,000 million."

The other consumables market, which today stands at USD 155 million is also expected to witness tremendous growth of almost 70 percent. PAMEX will make its next appearance in 2015 with new ideas and ideologies for printing market in India, the organizers said.