Washington: With the internet providing too much of information at the same time, it has become difficult to first sort and then read a piece of news. However, with the news reading app called Prismatic, the users are provided with specific news based on users' interests and behaviour.

According to a website, Prismatic uses software whose goal is to scour the entire Web for the stories most likely to interest, surprise, outrage, and delight a user as it adapts to them over time based on their interests and behaviour.

Prismatic's founders Aria Haghighi and Bradford Cross, have developed a news-reader app aimed at getting to know users' interests and then surprising them with stories they wouldn't have found on their own.

Once a user visits the site or downloads the app, it prompts them to sign up with their other social media account, and the information Prismatic imports from that service forms the first step in its learning process, and it immediately presents the user with a page of news stories and blog posts that it thinks the user might find interesting, along with a side rail of topics and people to follow.

The report said that the user can then start with starring the content, tweet it, or save it for later reading.
The challenge for Prismatic is to gain mainstream appeal with its algorithms to pick out the daily news based on user interests, the report added.


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