Chandigarh: With the aim to make college students free from the menace of touts, the Transport Department of Chandigarh has decided to give registration facility for learners driving license to the private colleges.

With a motive to curb corruption to some extent, the department after including government colleges and private dealers in providing registration facility, is all set to empower private colleges with the right of issuing learning license.

The Secretary of Transport department, Anurag Agarwal informed that by September-October, private colleges will get the rights of registering students interested in having learner’s driving license.

“Already the vehicle dealers and government colleges of the state are given this right, and the process has already begun. In the second phase of the plan, private colleges having strength of more than 500 students will get the registration power, “said Agrawal.

Apprising about the registration process, Agarwal said, “The College will be required to submit an application to the department demanding to make the facility functional in their campus. For every license user amount of Rs 80 will be charged along with the government fees which can be deposited through online payment."

It was learnt that to make the entire process foolproof, special software named 'Sarthi' has been designed. The colleges will send the details of the license online to the Data Transfer Object (DTO) office of the transport department.

According the official, with the system getting operational in colleges, it will reduce the work burden on DTO office and will help the students from entering the loop of the touts.