Bhopal: Former Union Minister and Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee president Kantilal Bhuria has alleged the private companies for grabbing 20,000 hectares of land in the name of jatropha cultivation. The state government had allotted land to the companies on two-year lease for the production of bio-diesel.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, Bhuria said, “Despite spending crores of rupees on its farming, the firms have failed to prove their mettle in producing the bio-diesel. No company produced diesel from the seeds of jathropha”.

After allocating land to the companies, the state government paid no attention whether they were producing bio-diesel or not, added the MPPCC president.

These companies are trying to use the government land for commercial activities, alleged the Congress leader.

Ruchi Soya Industries Mumbai, Sudama Technology Limited Indore, Magnam Organizer Private Limited Baroda, M/S India Oil Corporation New Delhi, M/S Great India Limited Indore, Dezy Agro Tech Pvt Ltd Mumbai, M/S Bio Yul Pvt Ltd Mumbai, M/S India Bio Yul Delhi and KS Oil Murena each were allotted to 2000 hectares of land.

Whereas MIGR Naturals Meerut and Chinauni Chambal Organics Gurgaon were allotted 1005 hectares and 968 hectares of land respectively.

These companies had to produce jatropha in Ashok Nagar, Badvani, Chhatarpur, Morena and Jhabua areas.