New Delhi: While keeping an eye on mass communication, film and television acting institutions being run by private institutions, the government is mulling to set criteria for courses and fee structure for these private institutions.

Moreover, its intension is to put regulatory mechanism for the compulsory affiliation of such institutions.

The government had received several complaints in the past regarding the quality of education imparted in these institutions and the heavy fee charged from the students. Questions have also been raised on the qualification of teachers and the lack of proper training equipments.

An Inter-Ministerial task force has been constituted by the government to know the ground reality.

Representatives from different fields like journalism (print and electronic), film and television along with officers of HRD ministry, Ministry of Culture, Information and Broadcasting Ministry and the University Grants Commission (UGC) will constitute a fourteen-member-task force which will study the issues related to the courses, their functioning, duration including fee structure .

The task force will give its report and recommendations to the ministry within a year.