Jalandhar: The fact may surprise you that doctors posted in government hospitals rely more on reports from private labs rather than the government ones. Due to this practice, the poor patients have to spend a hefty amount on getting their tests done from private labs.

However, certain reports like on abortion, birth and legal medicos from government labs are given importance by the doctors.

Hariseeman Kaur (name changed), a patient, says that she went to civil hospital for treatment of stone where the doctor advised her for operation and gave a long list of tests to be done. Even after the hospital is well equipped and is backed by good doctors, she was told to get her tests done from a private lab that cost her Rs 1250.

On analyzing the files of patients, it was discovered that most of the patients got their tests done from private labs. Gurvinder Bharar, Medical Superintendent, Civil Hospital told that she has been transferred and will ask the next Medical Superintendent to follow up the matter.

Here is a comparative table of money charged from private and government labs in certain tests.      

 Test Name                        Government labs           Private labs
  HIV                                           Free                         (130-300) Rs
  Hepatitis B                                 20   Rs                     (100-125) Rs
  Hepatitis                                    150 Rs                     (200-300) Rs




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