New Delhi: If you are a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer, you need not fret over your children’s nursery admission. Setting guidelines for admission to nursery classes, private schools in the capital have decided to reserve seats for children of doctors, lawyers and engineers.

The new criterion has been named as Representative Affirmative Action (RAA) which would give preference to the children of people belonging to few selected professions like medicine, law, engineering etc.

Apeejay School Principal D K Bedi said, “15 percent of seats are reserved under RAA criteria. Out of total 180 seats, 27 will be reserved for this category. The purpose of introducing this criterion is to provide a common platform of education to children belonging to families working in different fields. This is an effort towards building a glorious nation.”

The RAA category has sub-categories for doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, sportspersons, people belonging to the rural field etc.

Nursery admissions will begin in the first week of January 2012.