New Delhi, Feb 1 (Jagran News Network): Defying the allegations that Rs 6 crore of unaccounted wealth was found at her place during the income tax raid, Priyanka Chopra on Monday expressed her shock in a press conference saying that she has never seen so much of cash all together and neither was it hidden under her bed.

She said that she was deeply her by the ‘unsubstanciated’ information pertaining to the income tax raid at her house last week.

"I was shocked to find unsubstantiated media reports and 'source' based news. I experienced this for the first time in my career. It hurt me deeply and affected me a lot," the actress said during her first media interaction after the raids.

On being asked about the reason behind a raid at her place inspite of the fact that she is one of the highest tax payers in the industry, she said, "People say that every big star faces such a situation. I would like to flatter myself in this way."

Talking about the media reports which clearly pointed out the presence of Shahid Kapoor at her premises during the raid she said, "At that time my mother was out of town. Shahid lives three minutes away from my house so I did call him."

Showing her evident anger and agitation, she added, "People need Bollywood for publicity. This is disgusting. Till facts come out clearly media should support the artist."