Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra gets all jittery before paying a special tribute to the legendary singer.
Most B-Towners have reached Toronto for International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, 2011, and it seems that the usually confident Priyanka Chopra is quite nervous about her stage performance at the ceremony.

The usually confident Piggy Chops, who has been chosen to pay tribute to Asha Bhosle in a special performance at IIFA, feels this is too tall an order for her.

A source says, "Priyanka is confident enough to pull off any stage performance. However, this time she is flummoxed. A dance tribute to the songs of Ashaji seemed like a formidable task to her. She wanted to beg off."

The homage to the singing legend that PC will perform is to be choreographed by Shiamak Davar.

We have learnt that when Bhosle heard of the tribute plan, she insisted that only Priyanka do it.
The source adds, "Other A-list actresses including Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and even Sonakshi Sinha were considered for the homage.But Ashaji felt only Priyanka had the ‘namak’ on her face, the ’chulbula’ sexiness to convey the sensuousness of her throat. Moreover, PC is a singer herself, so she understands the nuances in Ashaji's voice."
Getting pro at it

In the past few weeks, PC has become an expert on Ashaji's songs. Says the source, "Lately, the young actress has watched the legendary singer's songs so many times that she knows them by heart now."

While PC maintains that the homage in Toronto is a 'secret', Sabbas Joseph of Wizcraft, the official organisers of IIFA in Canada, confirms, "Yes, Priyanka is giving tribute to Ashaji, who will receive an award for outstanding contribution to Indian cinema. Shiamak will choreograph the tribute."

Davar, says, "When one does a tribute to a legend like Ashaji one has to be faithful to the originals. But I love interpreting songs in my own way as always. I love Ashaji's songs. They're timeless. I've redeveloped the whole era with my properties and costumes. I am sure PC will do a good job."