Though belated, the CBI arrested mining baron and former minister Janardhan Reddy and his relative B V Srinivas Reddy after conducting raids at their premises. Janardhan Reddy and Srinivas Reddy were alleged years back for being involved in the illegal mining in Karnataka and they were slapped serious charges in this connection on several occasions, but no action was taken against them. It can be assumed that both of them have enjoyed big political clout in Karnataka as well as they have good access to high-end political persona of Andhra Pradesh, so no tough stand was taken against them. Notably, the CBI conducted raids for finding serious irregularities in mining in Andhra Pradesh, which has no truck with malpractices in the mining in Karnataka. No one knows that when action will be taken against the huge irregularities found in the mining in Karnataka, which was referred by even former Lokayukta Santosh Hegde. There should be a serious deliberation on the slipshodness regarding taking action against tainted political figures. The people of the country have now realized that there is different law for different persons for the same offence. It is not surprising that blame game between the Congress and the BJP has started after the action being taken against the Reddy brothers. The way the action was taken against the Reddy brothers indicates strategy to create a pressure on Jaganmohan Reddy who drifted apart from the Congress to form a separate party in Andhra Pradesh.

Jaganmohan Reddy has set up an empire worth billions of rupees overnight that undoubtedly raises many questions. But it is surprising that why did the CBI come into action against him when he established a party in Andhra Pradesh, which posed serious menace for the Congress government in the state? As long as the CBI works under ruling dispensation, the message will keep coming that the premier investigating agency is arm-twisted by the government. It is high time that the Central government should mull over making it autonomous. Going by the huge irregularities found in the mining in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is obvious that malpractice in mining is going on in a large scale across the country. It is disappointing that state governments raised cudgel against illegal mining in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh when Judiciary took notice. The Central government should take serious note of it and make concrete effort to stop illegal mining in the country.