Jammu: Seeking investigation into charges levelled against BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister Sachin Pilot on Thursday said there should be one set of rules for all political parties or personalities.

"There should not be separate yardsticks or parameters for different people -- if there is one set of rules for one political party or personality, it should be implemented for all," he said.

‘Kejriwal doing politics of hit and run'

Pilot was answering questions from reporters on charges levelled against the BJP chief regarding the source of funds for Purti Power and Sugar Ltd controlled by him.

To a question on corruption charges against Congress leader Virbhadra Singh, he said that for those doing individual businesses and those in the government as political personalities, clarification on their stand depends upon them.

"As far as Singh is concerned, he has held a press conference and given an elaborate reply and I need not speak on that," Pilot said.

Asserting that Gadkari has failed to give a proper reply to various allegations against him, he demanded an investigation into the charges.

"The bigger question is that the way repeated allegations are made against Nitin Gadkari, I do not think he has been able to give proper reply till now," he said.

"Allegations have been levelled against him – the allegations are now open and Gadkari has himself said he was ready for the probe," Pilot said.

"The probe should be held at the required time by the concerned authority. If there is any malafide involved in it, if there is any omission or commission, if there is any fraud law will take its own course as there are very well laid down procedures as to how to proceed on this," he added.


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