Melbourne: A shocking 1500 page report into allegations of sexual and other abuses within the Australian military was on Tuesday released with the Defence Minister warning the findings "will shock some people".

The report prepared by law firm DLA Piper, outlines more than 700 allegations of abuse, dating back to 1951.

"It does raise very serious allegations and does raise matters that are deeply sensitive and they will shock some people," Australian defence minister Stephen Smith said.

The government was now preparing to announce its response to the findings, Smith said.

The report has the allegations covered every decade from the 1950s to now and the earliest date of alleged abuse was in 1951 on a 13 year old boy by a man now in his 70s.

The allegations were 'incredibly diverse', the review found.

The allegations were not limited to specific geographical locations and came from different parts of the defence organisation and related to the full range of Australian Defence Force activity.

The incidents ranged from extremely serious to relatively minor.

"The behaviour complained of ranges from that which has never been acceptable nor tolerated, to that which, whilst not acceptable, has in the past been tacitly tolerated," the report said.

Among the report's findings are 24 allegations of rape from the late 1990s that do not appear to have gone to trial.

It has also suggested a royal commission to look into how the rape allegations were dealt with.

The report pointed out that one alleged victim told DLA Piper he joined the Navy as a 15 year old in the 1970s and was sexually assaulted with a broom handle and forced to drink other recruits' bodily fluids.

Others have come forward with allegations they were bashed, had human excrement tipped on them and suffered serious sexual assault.

The report was commissioned by the government last year after the footage of a young male recruit having sex with an unwitting female classmate was streamed online over Skype to cadets in another room.

In the wake of the "Skype scandal", defence ministry was inundated with other allegations of abuse.


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