Ranchi: Sacked Commonwealth Games OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi on Thursday accused the investigating agencies of "targeting" only the Organising Committee members, when government officials were also part of the decision-making process.

He also expressed shock and displeasure over the way the entire matter has been handled by the investigating agencies when all the documents pertaining to the conduct of the Games were with them.

Asked whether he anticipated arrest any time, Kalmadi ended a press conference abruptly saying "Let's see".

He repeated his demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the conduct of the Games and said the law should take its course.

Lalit Bhanot and V K Verma were arrested on Wednesday by the CBI in connection with alleged irregularities in the Rs 107 crore deal inked with a Swiss timing firm.

"Only officials of the Organising Committee are being called for questioning by the investigative agencies. The entire process seems to be against the officials who have worked with the Organising Committee for many years,” he reacted after two of his close aides, OC Secretary General Lalit Bhanot and DG VK Verma were arrested by the CBI.

"I don't understand that when all the details are with the investigating agencies, all documents are with them, then why are they only calling the OC officials. OC members are only being targeted, why not others involved in the decision making. We want this thing to become clear when all the papers are with the agencies," said Kalmadi.

Kalmadi, also the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president, said that all the decisions had been approved by the Executive Board, consisting of senior Central and Delhi government officers.

Reiterating his demand for a JPC probe, Kalmadi said, "My request for the JPC is still on, this is my request that it should be conducted. Right now, the impression is that only organising committee was involved in every matter.

But no single individual had taken any decision. So, I think JPC should be launched and they will look into it and everything will become clear." Kalmadi parried a query when asked whether the Congress had sidelined him saying the IOA comprised persons affiliated with difference parties.

Govt ignores Kalmadi claims

Meanwhile, government on Thursday sidestepped the claims of former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi that all approvals for projects were
given by the Sports Ministry.

"I don't need to respond (to Kalmadi's claims) as enquiries by various agencies are on," Sports Minister Ajay Maken told reporters outside Parliament.

He said various agencies, including the CBI and CVC, were looking into the matter it would not be appropriate for him to speak on the issue.

"I would not comment on what Kalmadi has said. We have done whatever we had to. The investigations are going on and the results are before people. Let us wait for the investigation to complete," he said.

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