New Delhi: The increasing heat on Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the recent past has played an important role in restricting illegal activities and the cases related to trespass bids at the India-Pakistan border.

In the past one-year incidents like cross-border firing, insurgency, circulation of fake currency and smuggling of psychotropic substances on Indo-Pak boundary have come down drastically.
As per the recent figures released by the Border Security Forces, the reported cases of cross-border firing has come down from 87 (in 2010) to 37 in 2011.

Moreover, the incidents of insurgency have declined from 119 cases to 65 this year. The incidents of breaking fences to illegally enter into Indian territory are continuing at the Indo-Pak border, but this year it has also witnessed a remarkable improvement with only two incidents registered as compared to five cases in 2010.

The increasing problems of security at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border have also resulted in cutting down the cases of fake currency circulations and smuggling of drugs at the Indo-Pak borders. While the number of reported heroin smuggling cases was 105 in 2010, it was merely 59 in 2011.

Along with this, the amount of fake currencies that were circulated in 2011 has also fallen down. In 2010, Rs 1.38 crore fake Indian currencies were circulated, but in 2011, the amount has dropped to Rs 25 lakhs.

The security agencies opine that the sheer decline in the number of illegal movement at the borders is the affirmative result of the prevalent situation at Af-Pak borders.