"I belong to Azamgarh (in Uttar Pradesh), a place that has a negative impression in the media and the world. I have always witnessed that bad things are remembered and good things are forgotten," Chandrapal Singh said.

The director, who was born and raised in Azamgarh, moved to Mumbai in 1996. According to him, some people from his place may indulge in wrong activities to achieve their target, but the entire city can't be blamed.

"I wanted to portray all the elements in my movie. My movie will have situation-driven crime. And for the rest, it's too early to reveal details. But the film ends with a message that 'I Belong To Azamgarh and I Am Not A Criminal'".

He contends that a "city or place is not a reason behind any crime"."A majority of people have made a misconception that Azamgarh is crime-oriented. Mumbai is India's financial capital. We've got crime here also, but we never blame any Mumbai resident as a criminal. So why Azamgarh?"

The director is not yet keen to reveal the cast of his film."My script demands all intense characters who can understand the depth of the story. So with no compromise, we shall go for all A-Listers artists only," he said.

Chandrapal Singh will produce "Azamgarh" under the S. Video Pictures Pvt Ltd banner and is likely to go on the floors by April.


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