Chennai: The Madras High Court on Saturday ordered a Tamil film producer to pay Rs 5 lakh as damages to a major mosquito and cockroach repellent manufacturer for depicting the product in a disparaging manner in the Vijay starrer 'Tirupachi.'
The movie, produced by Supergood Films Private Limited, was released in January 2005.
Godrej Sara Lee Ltd, manufacturer of repellent 'HIT' had filed a civil suit seeking damages from the producer for what it claimed were scenes where their product was 'scandalously' depicted.
Justice S Palanivelu said a perusal showed Super Good Films had infringed the trademark of Godrej Sara Lee Ltd and that the plaintiff was legally entitled for damages.
The Judge said that even after an interim injunction, the film was shown in most theaters in the state without masking the relevant scenes, while it was done in some others.
It showed that even after filing the suit, the plaintiff has suffered loss of reputation to some extent, the judge said and awarded damages of Rs five lakhs to Godrej Sara Lee.
The judge said the plaintiff has shown that through the certificate of registration, the Centre has recognized the product was safe. The Film Production company has depicted the product in a disparaging manner which was detrimental to the reputation of the company, he said.