From Vicks to chewing gums many widely used products are banned in the many parts of world. We bring you such types of food items:


Vicks Vaporub widely used in India to get instant relief from cough, cold and congestion is banned in many European and North American countries. According to reports, an ingredient found in Vicks has serious and dangerous side effects. But, irrespective of all these harmful effects, it is not banned in India.

Kinder eggs

Kinder eggs are very popular food product in many parts of the world including India. But, the chocolate eggs are banned in United States. You can be fined upto USD 2500 for bringing it illegally.


Chewing gums

This may jolt you but chewing gums are banned in Singapore. The government had banned the import or sale of gum in the country to keep its public places clean. But, you can chew it in India without caring about environment.

Unpasteurised milk

Unpasteurised milk or raw milk is banned in at least 22 states in Canada and US. The reason for imposing the ban is the availability of microbes and germs in it. But, raw milk is easily available in many parts of Africa, Europe and Asia.


Jelly candies

In India, kids are all gaga over jelly candies. But, many don't know that the import of jelly is banned in UK and EU. According to reports, it is made from a thickening agent called konjac which carries risks of chocking throat. But, it is available in India in abundance.


Red Bull

The popular energy drink 'Red Bull' was banned in France, Denmark and some other countries because of the availability of the chemical taurine in the drink which according to studies is a highly dangerous chemical. Who cares about anything else!

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