A man may look cool and dashing with his groomed up looks and attire, and can equally impress a woman through his unparalleled swag. However, it is his profession that eventually leaves a colossal effect on her mind; driving her straight to him.
Now, what are those professions that have become a cult in stimulating the desirable bones of every woman? Let’s find out:

1. Pilot:

The maturity required for this profession, blended with that irresistible ironed-white uniform has something to say to all those women who get attracted to smartness along with the expert combo of strength, honour, skill, and discipline.  

2. Chef:

Women love to see their man cook for them. No wonder, they wouldn’t deny getting pampered in a way that makes them feel like a princess. Women see this in reality when a man cooks. Therefore, for obvious reasons, a chef will always keep on attracting women due to his culinary skills that are a mix-and-match of smoking flames mingled with different flavours of sex-appeal.

3. Entrepreneur:

The one straight thing about attraction is not hovering in the clouds of fictional and dramatic love as things have changed now-a-days, where women believe in getting attracted to a man on the basis of ground reality. Needless to say; entrepreneur is the word! It promises financial stability along with a goal in life, which most of the modern women want to see in their man and life.

4. Photographer:

An artist apparently attracts every woman big time. A photographer carries that persona with him, which tempts women to get inside his arena. The way a photographer sets the angles, lights, and poses, to get the image clicked is what a woman finds really cool.

5. Writer:

Nothing on this planet can beat this profession when it comes to attracting women. A writer knows how to use his imagination and thoughts on the paper of a romantic voyage, which every woman aspires to feel. Women find a writer’s ability of story-telling as something that connects to her desire for an eternal journey of love. She believes that a writer will always keep her within his heart full of love. Rightly said, “Fall in love with a writer, and you will never die.”

Krishnendu/ JPN

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