1. Writer:

If you are a wanderer, text lover and you love playing with words then you are born to be a writer. Writing requires lot of creativity and knowlege and it is the right profession for you if you are a restless soul. So, go out and ink your thoughts.

2. Journalist/Reporter:

Journalism is a profession that can bring the most creative side of you. If you love to travel then this is the right choice. You can travel around and report the activities of the world.

3. Photographer/Videographer:

A best profession for those who are lens lovers and can capture dreamy visuals and create magnificent things. Long shoots, travelling, capturing reality or simply fiction, are your world.

4. Painter/Artist:

Being a painter or artist helps you pen down your imagination on drawing board using different shades of colours and pencils. You can move out and seek inspiration from your surroundings.

5. Tourist guide:

If you love travelling and talking to people then this is the right choice for you. Being a tourist guide will help you interact with people from different countries. All you have to do is just show them places and interact.

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