There is an awesome track to this story of semi-colon movement which represents an author who is you and a sentence which could be your life.

This movement is started by the non-profit organisation 'project semicolon' which reminds the personal story of co-founder Amy Bluel who lost her father during struggling period.

She was in depression, self-injury and wanted to commit suicide. During that phase, she decided to work towards raising awareness of mental health issue in the society.

The website explains that the author couldn't choose to end  sentence. It's purpose is to show deep love and courage for those who are in depression, addiction and self-injury. It symbolises that the sentence is your life and the author is you.

In the last few months, the semi colon movement has spread worldwide. People have also shared their life battles, unrestrained moments and terrible journeys along with a tatoo and pictures on instagram and twitter timelines.

The founder encourages people to start a conversation with those who are carrying a semicolon tatoo, asking them about their life struggles and tragedies,and motivating them with full-enthusiasm.


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