Within a week after Army Chief VK Singh dropped a missive mortar, stating that he was offered kickbacks vis-à-vis equipment deal, the way CBI has become proactive, even taking action against the chief of a truck manufacturing company as well as seizing his passport, vividly suggests that there has been skullduggery in the defence deal but it was ignored owing to parochial political interests. The premier investigating agency has not only prevented him from leaving the country but they are also going to grill him further. Now it is quite obvious that even after the General informed Defence Minister AK Antony in connection with the bribes, the Minister could not take a concrete step. It is a matter of grave concern and the nation wants to know that despite the cautioning of the Army Chief regarding the kickbacks, why was lackadaisical attitude from the part of Antony?

Undoubtedly, Antony is known for his unblemished image, however it does not look graceful that he shrugged off the fact regarding the shady defence deal that was raised by the Army Chief. The people of the country want to know, why did not Antony ensure for a proper investigation? This has become a matter of grave concern that some other people also lodged complaints regarding the transgression of rules while purchasing TATRA trucks.  As it has now become clear that the Defence Minister was informed about irregularities in the deal, he should clear his stand. The Opposition is demanding his resignation. It seems to be difficult how Antony would come clear, but most of the people may be harbouring cynicism regarding defence deals. It is highly disappointing that no one is in position to state vociferously that there have been no fly-by-night operations in defence deals. It sometimes appears that there is a deliberate bid not to form a vibrant system for facilitating defence deal which would not have elbow room for any suspicion.