Agra, Jan 14 (Agencies): The Agra police has announced measures to ensure that unidentified bodies, allegedly thrown into the Yamuna River, are not callously disposed off without any records.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Aseem Arun told reporters here that he has instructed that the teeth of the dead should be preserved for DNA identification later, should some relative or acquaintance turn up to claim the remains.

Bodies will also now be properly packed in polycovers by policemen with gloves and masks on and transported in a special police vehicle to the post-mortem house in S.N. Medical College for autopsy.

The state government has fixed Rs.1, 600 for the last rites of an unidentified body.

"Earlier, the bodies were handed over to a rikshawpullers for a small amount of money and occasionally some liquor bottles for the disposal of body," a functionary of voluntary agency Shri Nath Ji Nishulk Jal Sewa said.

“The bodies were then thrown away in the Yamuna river,” he added.
Few years ago, Shri Nath Ji Nishulk Jal Sewa had arranged for a decorated rickshaw called 'moksha vahan' (spiritual carrier) to take the bodies to the Yamuna bank for last rites.