Sasaram: A strange example of underlying corruption and irregularities in the Indian system has surfaced in Rohtas district where a woman is claimed to have died twice as per her double death certificates.

The two brothers of Tileshwari Kunwar, widow of Bhikham Singh of Champ village in Akorigola zone of Rohtas district have presented her different death certificates exhibiting different dates of death to claim the ownership of her property.

Surprisingly, even the much acclaimed Right To Information (RTI) is proving to be of little help as the government department is clueless on the credibility of the death certificates acquired from two different offices.

Childless Tileshwari’s brothers Mathura Singh and Rajendra Singh of Kherha village started looking after her property after the demise of her husband Bhikam Singh. But after the death of Bhikam Singh, the brothers entered a feud over the ownership of her property.

The matter reached the court which asked for the death certificates of the late Tileshwari Kunwar. While one of the brothers claimed her death in Champ and produced her death certificate dated December 16, 2002 from Akorigola zone, another brother produced the death certificate dated August 10, 2006 from Dehri range of Kherha village. The mystery of the two certificates has created an element of uncertainty. 

In order to solve the puzzle, one of the brothers filed an RTI and even made an appeal for the purpose. As a result, while Akorigola BDO Shambhu Nath Gupta maintained his stand on the certificate, Dehri BDO also remained confident on his claim. However, Dehri BDO said, the death certificate was issued by the outgoing BDO.

Meanwhile, the puzzle remains unanswered regarding the real date of demise of Tileshwari Kunwar.