Greater Noida: With the skyrocketing property prices in Noida and Greater Noida, the personal enmity between families is also increasing. The major reason observed behind such cases is non-settlement of property disputes within the stipulated time span.

According to the rules, the cases registered in Tehsil and Thana Diwas should be settled within one week of the registration, whereas in special cases, the disputes should be settled within 15 days.

Despite of this, people have to visit Collectors, Tehsil, Kotawali, and Thana Diwas time and again to get the property dispute settled.

Due to this, most of the murder cases reported in last two months are related to family feuds and personal enmity. Money and property are the major reasons.

People believe that if administration solves the issues within the stipulated time, such cases can be put to end.

It is noteworthy that 1,856 complaints related to property have been registered in last six months. Although these cases have been settled in files but the difference between in figures and reality clear the picture.

After the establishment of the Noida and Greater Noida area, the property rates have touched the skies.    There are 750 such cases where people are objecting the compensation by claiming ownership on the land which has been sold 10 years back.

Talking on the issue, people expressed their concerns. Professor Vivek said, “There is a big difference in facts in documents and ground reality. The administration should visit the site to understand the actual situation. Also, there should be enough opportunities for the employment and education of farmers.

Dr. Anand Arya, vice chairman of Arya Representative Committee, said, “Such issues can be resolved within the family. For this, the administration should organise a campaign to inspire famers.

Clearing his stand, Hridesh Kumar, District Magistrate said, “The administration settles the disputes within the stipulated time. Also, we have instructed quick probe and settlement of cases where the facts are wrongly presented.”