New Delhi: The proposed beef party has not only exasperated some of the Hindu organizations but Muslims too are upset over it. It is so because the beef party will reportedly include pork made stuffs in its menu. The Beef and Pork festival has invited strong objection from Muslim students.

The proposed Beef and Pork Festival on 28th September inside Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) premises by the left-wing students has sparked sharp criticism. The Muslim students showed their objection over serving pork in the festival. BJP and Bhartiya Kisan Union have also raised their voice against the move.

Dr. Hafiz Rehman, a senior student of the university, said, “The announcement of serving pork in the proposed festival created discontent among Muslim students studying here.”

Mohd. Sabeer Alam, research scholar in Arabic Language said that this move is going to create disturbances inside the premises of the university.

Another researcher Abdul Madni told, “Those who are giving slogan of Right to Eat and made the announcement of serving beef and pork in the festival have hurt the religious sentiments of both the Hindus and Muslims.

Delhi BJP President Vijender Gupta said in a statement that some people are trying to disturb law and order in Delhi through this festival.

Jaibhagwan Goel, President, Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena said that our party workers will handle those who will take part in proposed party.


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