"It is just a proposal still under consideration. It may come into existence or it may not in the future. We have held talks with Indian authorities over the issue and are aware that they don't want it. A decision will be taken in due course," Bevan, who was here on his maiden visit to Uttarakhand, said before leaving for Rishikesh.
Indian has already voiced its displeasure over the proposed scheme to introduce a 3,000 pounds bond for visitors from six high-risk countries, which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Ghana.
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma had in June said, "How can a country that is a strategic partner be categorized as a high-risk country, in the bracket with some of the others. If that were to be true, that would be taken as an affront."
Bevan said on Wednesday, "We want closer ties with India and want Indian tourists, students and businessmen to visit our country and the visa bond, even if imposed finally, is not going to change all that. Currently we receive nearly 4 lakh visa applications from India every year and 90 per cent of them are cleared."
When asked how long it would take the British authorities to arrive at a decision on the matter, he refused to set a time-frame.


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