Washington: In every divorce, there remains bitterness, anger and sadness between both parties.

Divorce coach Cindy Holbrook has given 4 ways to benefit by remaining angry at your former spouse.

She said that firstly, if a person narrates his story to everyone who will listen, he will receive attention and people will make them feel like a good person - or at least a better person than their former spouse, a daily reported.

Secondly, she said that anger punishes their ex. The third positive effect that happens by remaining angry at former spouse is it motivates them and will give them the fuel they need to fight back.

The last positive effect is that the anger helps people to avoid pain, as by staying angry they become numb to pain, hurt or the rejection the death of their marriage has brought up.

Holbrook also gave four detriments of remaining angry at your former spouse.

Firstly, she said that though occasional anger causes little or no harm frequently, uncontrollable anger or suppressed rage, hurting people both physically and mentally.

Secondly, remaining angry can make them a negative and irritable person that could interfere with their current relationships with kids, parents and siblings.

Thirdly, anger and hostility cause stress in their mind and body and throw their body off balance and begin to constrict parts of their body which, in turn, creates disease.

Lastly, a lot of physical conditions like coronary heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depression, headaches, eating disorders, digestion problems, diabetes, insomnia, skin problems and depression arise out of prolonged anger. Empower yourself by letting go.


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