Prosenjit, appearing as protagonist Anjaniputra in Gourab Pandey’s, told the audience, "Bengali film and music have surged ahead hand in hand with you in past years and had Goutamda Chattopadhyay been alive today he would have been the happiest with the turn of events."
As Prosenjit was joined by all big names in contemporary Bengali music, representing different genres - from Raghab Chatterjee to Cactus frontman Sidhu, to Rupkankar and Manomoy, and Goutam’s son vocalist-drummer-lyricist-music director-band frontman Gourab said "This is one historic moment when me and all the leading names of our music industry have come together to perform on stage in tribute of Goutamda, without whom perhaps today’s Bengali songs won’t have reached this point.
"Goutam’s epochal song ‘Prithibita Naki Chhoto Hote Hote…." gelled with the theme of digital merger of the physically disparate world of as he turned out to be a soothsayer of the cyber invasion into our lives and it was made the theme song of the movie," Prosenjit said.

"Such a get-together in memory of a modern Bengali music legend who thought ahead of his time and probably set the path for future Bengali songs and films as well, is historic and unprecedented," the superstar said about the Cannes film bazaar premiered flick.
Happy with the tribute shown to the man who had never sought any name or fame, he got so much love, from young and our generations alike. I have no regrets, " Goutam’s wife Minati Chattopadhyay said. When asked if the honour, now at the initiative of a film unit, Prosenjit and members of music fraternity, could have been made years back by the state.
Gabu, who said he had tryst with the lyrics in his growing up days of early 90s, said it was true his father got more recognition after his death, "but perhaps that is more befitting."

The tribute was organized at the behest of Cinenine, producers of the film. "The film has an international feel and look and not solely because it has been shot in Iceland, the color grains and texture bears the same look of European films which is in sync with the arctic setting," Prosenjit said about the film. will be released on December six.


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