Bangalore: Here is how you can protect your home during rains and make it look more vibrant.

Along with pleasant rains, monsoon can also bring bad news for your home and hearth. However, with some effort and clever planning, one can deal with monsoon blues with élan.

Interior designers Purushothama V of JP Nagar and Deepa and Jayesh, tell us the best care for your interiors during monsoon.

Curtains: During summer, heavy curtains serve us well by preventing direct sunlight. But in monsoon, as sunlight is less, a lighter, lace curtails will allow maximum sunlight, which in turn will remove the damp feeling indoors.

Furniture: Come rains, and your wooden furniture needs extra care. A coat of polish will help them retain their luster for long. Get your furniture polished and apply a coat of touchwood on all your wooden furniture to protect from molds and mildews infestation.

Carpets: In most of our homes, carpets attain the pride of position in the living space. But as monsoon fury is on, it is better to roll up expensive carpets. Pack them in plastic sheet and store them away for the entire period. It will be a good idea to put washable foot mats on entrances during rainy season.

Indoor plants: Indoor plants adds beauty to any space, however, during rains, you can give it a miss as indoor plants will increase the dampness inside.

"Adding colour in your home decor items like wall art, table lampshades, cushions, uplifts the mood. Warm tones such as oranges, yellows and reds are good bet during monsoon,” said Deepa.

A constant problem during monsoon is seepage in many apartments in the city.

Purushothama V suggests, "As a ground rule no major interior designing work should be done during monsoons. Even if on a temporary basis, one should fill up all the cracks and the gaps in the walls with white cement or Plaster of Paris to prevent seepage."

To keep belongings in cupboards safe, she suggests placing chalks in cupboards to prevent moisture building up. While some neem leaves in the book cabinet will shoo away the silverfish infestation on books. Neem leaves comes handy for protecting clothes in a wardrobe as well.

(Courtesy: City Plus)