Sonia Gandhi extending her support and shielding Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the Congress Working Committee meeting was very much expected but why did such a situation arise in the first place is baffling. It’s an irony that the Prime Minister who once was seen as a strong shield for the Congress is himself seeking refuge in UPA chief Sonia Gandhi. If Sonia Gandhi is to be believed then the allegations of corruption leveled against Manmohan Singh in the coal mines allocation is a conspiracy by opposition parties to defame the Prime Minister. If this is true then what is the CBI doing investigating the case? And why is the government trying to tighten the process of coal mines allocation? The CAG report also indicates a revenue loss of one lakh eighty thousand crore rupees. Is the government then trying to say that the CAG is a part of the conspiracy hatched against the Prime Minister?

On one hand the government has been denying any kind of corruption in the allocation of coal mines and on the other it is trying to explain that the process of allocating coal mines was a policy initiated by the NDA regime. It is baffling that neither the Centre nor the Congress is able to give satisfactory answers. The government should soon reach to a conclusion or else allegations against the government will keep on surfacing. It is encouraging that the Prime Minister spoke of black money and corruption in the CWC meeting. During the meeting he also spoke about the achievements of his government and said that bringing back black money to the country is an arduous task and will take some time. It is the government which has to instill faith in the people that it is serious in bringing back black money to the country. The Supreme Court wouldn’t have intervened nor would have any protests taken place had the government shown some seriousness towards the issue of black money. According to the Prime Minister his government is serious towards fighting corruption and bringing about transparency in government functioning. If this is true then why are we seeing so much of corruption?