London: Demonstrators have stormed five Syrian embassies in Europe and the Middle East after Syrian forces reportedly killed more than 200 people in the city of Homs.
In Europe, protesters forced their way into the Syrian embassies in London and Athens on Saturday, prompting some arrests and causing minor damage.
Britain's Foreign Office condemned the break-in, which it said put two police officers in the hospital with minor injuries.
British police said six people were arrested following a demonstration that began in London at 6AM on Saturday and drew around 150 protesters.
Scotland Yard said five men were arrested for forcing entry into the embassy on London's wealthy Belgrave Square, while a sixth was arrested for assaulting police. Scotland
Yard said all six remain in custody.
A similar scene played out in Athens, where police said 13 people, 12 Syrians and one Iraqi national were detained after forcing their way into the Syrian Embassy before dawn.
In Germany, 20 people forced their way into Syria's Embassy in Berlin on Friday and damaged offices there, police said.
Syrian protesters in Cairo set part of the embassy on fire on Friday night, while protesters in Kuwait broke windows at the embassy and hoisted the opposition flag.
The Kuwait news agency said a number of security personnel were hurt in scuffles.