Chicago, Jan 30 (Agencies): Protesters in large numbers flooded streets in Egypt and Yemen against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called on to step down on Sunday.

"Mubarak will go. If not today, then tomorrow," said 39-year-old Magdy Al-Abady of Chicago during a demonstration downtown in front of the Egyptian consulate's office.

Angry protesters also gathered outside the United Nations complex in New York City, filled the street in front of the Egyptian embassy in Washington and marched through downtown San Francisco to show unity with the uprising. Other cities including Seattle and Los Angeles also staged protest demonstrations.

In Chicago, people marched and chanted, "Hey Mubarak you will see, all Egyptians will be free."

Al-Abady expressed he wants President Barack Obama to support the Egyptian people.

Dahlia Ashour, an origin of the Egyptian capital of Cairo who still has family in Egypt, said she was disappointed Obama hadn't made a forceful statement in support of the protesters. "He should be standing by the people, not by the regime," she said.

Obama has issued a plea for restraint in Egypt and called on Mubarak to take measures to democratise his government and refrain from using violence against his people.

Meanwhile, around 100 people took to the streets in Yemen in backing the Egyptians' protest against their President Hosni Mubarak and also raised slogans against their country's president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The protesters, including opposition politicians and journalists, marched towards the Egyptian embassy in Sanaa Saturday, RIA Novosti quoted media reports on Sunday.

About ten demonstrators were seriously hurt in clashes with police and Saleh's supporters, the Xinhua news agency stated, quoting witnesses.

Riot police blocked the road leading to the Egyptian embassy before the demonstrators arrived, RIA Novosti quoted the Yemen Post newspaper as stating.