Panaji: The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) seems attracting connoisseurs of cinema and the protesters alike as the latter are digging their heels in a bid to make the Goa Government relent on a couple of issues.
When actor Shah Rukh on Wednesday inaugurated the ten-day extravaganza at Margao, police were busy taming the black flags waiving protesters who had gathered outside the Ravindra Bhavan Complex, venue of the IFFI inauguration, in Margaon.
They were demanding that the state government curtail the festival by one day and hold the concluding ceremony on December 2 instead of December 3 in order to ensure that the date does not clash with the solemn festival of 'feast of Saint Francis Xavier' celebrated by Catholics.
Goa Church authorities and its parishioners have been demanding rescheduling the 10-day event as several lakh devotees and tourists from across the globe descend on in the coastal state to participate in the festival.
The catholics bodies alleged that police were neglecting the security at the feast due to ongoing IFFI.
The relics of St Francis Xavier, a 15th century patron saint of Goa, are preserved in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the world heritage monument.
Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni who was greeted with black flags at the venue said, "We will discuss the issue and try to accommodate their demands".
Soni was earlier petitioned by the parishioners seeking her intervention to curtail the festival by a day.     

The Church-supported 'Save Old Goa' organisation has resolved that it will continue peaceful protests during the film festival. The film which was screened at many film festivals in the country was shot at historic Dwaarka Das Library relocated to Chandigarh post partition from Lahore, where Bhagat Singh used to spend time reading books on Russian, Irish revolutions and socialism, Chhabra said.
Dubbing the CBFC suggestions as uncalled for, the director said, "The cuts prescribed by the CBFC chop off selectively the talks about corruption in contemporary politics".
These talks represent average discussions on contemporary news among today's youth.
'Inklab' produced little before anti-graft movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare gathered steam, focuses on the fact that even today the youth are fighting for their rights all around the world and voice of poor is still being oppressed.     

Chhabra's earlier films on environment and health have won global awards in 2007 and 2010.
Inklab is submitted to around 36 film festivals across the globe and has been selected in all the three prominent festivals, namely the International Film Festival of Ahmedabad, the IFFI, Goa and the Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai.