Abuja, Jan 30 (Agencies): Atleast two students were killed during the protest by University students against continuing violence between Muslims and Christians were shot by Nigerian soldiers, in northern city of Jos, witnesses have said.

The military arranged in the state of Plateau, a flash point of ethnic and religious violence, have not been able to tackle the situation.

Soldiers opened fire on Saturday when the students refused to return to the University of Jos campus, Brig Gen Hassan Umaru said.

Umaru said he is not informed yet about any deaths in the shooting.

However, according to a student union member, two students were killed.

Plateau state police commissioner Abdurrahman Akanu said he had no information about the latest violence.

Students of University of Jos had marched towards soldiers to protest increased violence in city.

"Deployment of the military in the city has not made insecurity in Jos to subside," a student of University of Jos, Irene Ogbuwa Iferem said.

Eye witnesses said the protest initiated because of the attempt on Friday by some Muslims to bury the body of a slain person which some Christian students tried to stop.

In 2001, thousands of people were killed when during the riots between Muslims and Christians and in 2004 the governor of the Plateau state was removed following a fracas which led to an emergency government being put in place.

The 150 million population in Africa is divided equally between Christians and Muslims with most of the latter residing the northern region.