Lahore: Amidst widespread protest in Pakistan against a bill moved in US Congress seeking the right of self-determination for the people of Balochistan, political parties in the Punjab province have submitted resolutions in the state Assembly, condemning the controversial bill.
The motion submitted by the PML-N said: "This august House of Punjab declares the resolution approved by the US Congress as unnecessary and an interference into internal affairs of Pakistan. The people of the country express their concern at this resolution.

"This House is of the considered opinion that the resolution had been tabled in the US Congress to achieve political motives as no member of the Congress ever tabled a resolution against human rights violations in Kashmir, incarceration of Afia Siddiqui and inhuman cruelties in Iraq.

"The House shows its solidarity with the people of Balochistan and recommends the federal government to take politicians of Balochistan for resolving problems of the province. This elected House of Punjab also declares as insufficient and unsatisfactory the explanation given by the US Embassy regarding the resolution."

Another motion submitted by the PML-Q strongly condemned the US resolution and described it as a violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan and the UN Charter.
It said the Assembly should express complete solidarity with the people of Balochistan and give a message to the US administration that the people of Pakistan are united to maintain their country’s independence and sovereignty and are ready to render every sacrifice for this purpose.

Pakistan's National Assembly or lower house of parliament has already adopted a resolution condemning a recent hearing on Balochistan by the US Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Oversight and Investigations.
The Foreign Ministry yesterday called in the acting US envoy to lodge a strong protest over the resolution on Balochistan.