The marchers who began walking from the Bharat Talkies under-bridge area, were joined by locals, mostly Muslims, who are affected by poisoning of ground water from the chemical waste dumped in and around the abandoned factory.

The protesters smeared mud over logos of Union Carbide and its current owner, Dow Chemicals, seeking justice and relief for the victims even as they demanded that the guilty be brought to book.

Heads of various NGOs working for survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster charged the state and central governments with protecting the interests of the US company.    They said both governments continue to be deliberately negligent towards the medical care as well as the economic and environmental rehabilitation of the survivors and the contamination-exposed people.

According to NGOs, several reports of the Supreme Court Committee for Medical Monitoring have exposed the miserable state of healthcare of the gas survivors.

They said the Committee's reports highlight the lack of specialists and doctors, standardised treatment protocols, quality medicines, diagnostic equipment and system of monitoring health status in hospitals meant for gas victims.

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