New Delhi: Aiming to make a mark in the international market, PSU companies have decided to set up a new branding and marketing policy. This new policy will help them emerge as a tough competitor to MNCs and other private companies, said the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) here on Friday.

The new branding and marketing policy will be launched under the flagship of SCOPE, the apex body of Central Government owned Public Sector Enterprises. UD Choubey, Director General of SCOPE said, “According to the new policy all PSUs are required to incorporate the provisions in their working schedules and programmes. This undertaking will give a new image to the government companies.”

Choubey believes that the companies affiliated to Public Sector Undertakings are gearing towards a policy of adopting a consolidated and amalgamated programme. He further added that these companies are ready to stalk out a united future policy.

The new policy will be launched on the occasion of PSU Day on April 11.On the sidelines of a programme marked to celebrate the day, President Pratiba Patil will release a business directory to support the new policy.

This directory will contain a data of all the latest product list of the PSUs wherein the product profiles of the companies will be incorporated, Choubey said.

Moreover, he added, that this directory will be updated on a yearly basis which will help in creating awareness among the domestic and international companies about the new PSU productions.