Melbourne: Psychologists believe that it is possible to predict whether or not a couple will get divorced.
Couples who eventually divorce are twice more likely to express contempt during a disagreement than couples who stayed married.

Contempt is described as much stronger than anger - it is anger mixed with disgust. For example talking to you partner like they are beneath you.

According to a website, couples who criticize each other personally are also more likely to get divorced.
The criticism goes one step beyond complaining about a partner's behaviour to attack them about their personality.

Defensiveness is another trait which could foretell the end of a relationship.

If one person plays victim, does not take responsibility for their role in the conflict or try to prove their partner is "more wrong" than them, this is another sign the couple could be headed for divorce.

If during an argument one or both partners switches off from the conversation it is a sign they were headed for divorce.

But stonewalling goes beyond simply getting distracted, it often comes with physiological responses like sweating or a speed up heart rate and can be a sign a person is so stressed by a conflict that they just shut it out.


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